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Redlight Records Compilation - Volume 2

The first of the Redlight Records compilation (there was no vol 1), done in 2000, this album featured Metaphor, Go Ask Brian, Tony Westen, Tsai, Fourteen 21, Papa Wheelie, Jordan and Fair Play for Cuba.

Featured Song: "On Top of All of This"

Redlight Records Compilation - Volume 3

Done in 2002, this is the popular favorite of the Redlight Records compilations. Still in release. Features: Ill Odyssey, Young Boy, The Stone Giants, Go Ask Brian, Anthony Westen, Dave Voss, Fair Play for Cuba, Swanee's, John Wakefield Hall, and Smack Pie.

Featured Song: "Maximum Heat*"

*explicit content

Redlight Records Compilation - Volume 4

Done in 2003, this collection features: Blake Baily, AB!, Papa Wheelie, Hank Swank, Yetti, Kashus, D.J. K.B., Omnivox, Smack Pie, Ill Odyssey, The Stone Giants and Fair Play for Cuba.

Featured Song: "Lil' Roy*"

*explicit content

Sequoia Drive - Irreversibly On

Sequoia Drive - Irreversibly On

Done in the summer of 2005. Backordered. Sequoia Drive's first album and the only collection to include Eric Icenogle as a vocalist. 12 songs. Includes: Title track, "Swamp Zombie", "All Right", and "Let Me Be the Bridge"

Featured Song: "Irreversibly On"

Jordan Egler - Anthology Volume III

Volume 3. 15 songs.

Featured Song: "It's a Wreck"

Jordan Egler - Anthology Volume IV

Volume 4. 15 songs.

Featured Song: "Million Times a Day"

Jordan Egler - Anthology Volume V

Volume 5. 15 songs

Featured Song: "Swamp Zombie "

Dave Voss - Hello Goodbye

Dave Voss lives forever.
Done in 2003 with Tera DerYergian and Kortney Leatherwood.

Featured Song: "I'm Gonna Walk Away"

Redlight Records - The Instrumentals vol. II

36 instrumentals from Redlight Records studio.

Featured Song: "In Da Trunk"

Jordan Egler - Mio

Done in '96 this album contains traces of my 8 track analog stuff. 11 songs, features "Smooth Taste", "Risk", "Crazy Tammy", and "Turn Back the Tide".

Featured Song: "Say Goodnight"
Billy Eli & Lost in America - Somethings Going On

Billy Eli & Lost in America - Something's Going On

Done at Music Makers Studio in Austin, TX in '93. Still in release. Features Billy Eli on vox, Jordan Egler on guitars, Ginnette Benedict on backing voice, Phill Achee on drums, David Sydow, Lunn Evans, Mike McCarrol and Mark McMillan on Bass. Includes the radio hit "Somethin Goin On"

Go Ask Brian - Der Klång

Mixed live in '98, this was GAB's first album. Features Anthony Westen and Chad Fess.

The Stone Giants - Big Rocks

The first incarnation of the classic Stone Giants album. With Alton Duderstadt III on drums.

The Brother Beam Band - Eponymous

Done in the Fall of '97, this album featured the first recorded version of "Split Personality", later to be made a hit by the Stone Giants. Includes "Babylon Daddy" and "Clouds my Mind". Features Jeffery Dale Fagan on two originals as well.

Jordan Egler - Slideshow

Released as a downloads-only album on, this collection was doomed when wiped their servers and went ASCAP/BMI. Fuckers.

Featured Song: "Leather and Lace"
The Stone Giants - Big Rocks

The Stone Giants - Not Afraid of Heights

The second release of the Stone Giants' second album. Features "Trouble in the Streets" and "Annie".

The Stone Giants- IV

Volume 1. 15 songs.

Featured Song: "Time After Time"

Jordan Egler - Temponomicon

Volume 2. 15 songs.

Featured Song: "You're The One That I Want"

The Stone Giants ...and They Roamed the Earth

Completed winter of 2004. 17 songs. Available at

Featured Song: "Inside and Locked Out"

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