A small selection of some high quality plugins

Elemental Inspector: A frequency histogram so you can easily see where your soul is peaking and shape it accordingly.
Antares AutoTune 4: A pitch detector/corrector. Used excessively on virtually all modern vocal and music tracks. Truly the tool of the devil.
Camel Phat 3: For syncronized filter modulation and corpulent distortion settings.
Crystal Virtual Synth: For all your whooshy whoosh and clickity click needs.
Antares Filter: Can impart a synchonized psychedellia to just about anything.
Multimode Filter: Have a drum pattern modulate vocal ooohs and aaaahs. Trippy.


Masterworks Multiband Compressor: Awesome for smoothing out bass guitar and for softening the master bus.
Masterworks EQ: It looks and sounds gorgeous. Used on lead vocals and the master bus.
Masterworks Gate: Excellent for gating out drum bleed or the rustle of your singer's lyric sheet.
Masterworks Limiter: Can be used for good and evil. Mostly for evil, though.
Pattern Gate: Super cool sequenced gate can make long sustaning guitar chords sound like a perfectlt synched-up, stuttering robot!
MOTU Preamp: A guitar amp that almost never gets used on guitars. Sounds great on kick drum and backup vocals.
Ring Modulator: Only the most adventurous soul can find a spot for the ring modulator, but when it happens it's freakalicious.


Sample Tank 2 Virtual Instrument: Everything from super-high quality pianos to drum kits to loops and whooshy whoosh. About 16 gigs worth of samples.
Sonic Modulator: For making breakdowns sound brokedown.
Blockfish: Small, not very pretty, but super fat. Used on drum room mics and vocals.
MOTU Trigger: Used to convert Audio to MIDI, you can painstakingly make your drummer's shitty kit sound like a Phil Collins production.
Antares Tube: A tube simulation that gets heavy use on everything, including the master bus.
eVerb: Super high quality reverb.