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Redlight Records is a 24 track digital recording studio with analog authenticity and underground credibility. With its intimate tracking room, Redlight Studios is perfect for singer/songwriters, small bands, or rap/remix artists. You'll get your project done quicker, cheaper, and with tons more quality than anyplace around.


It's like building a ship in a bottle

You hit record, the tape zooms up and starts running. If you want effects, you run the tape through the box and recorded to a second tape (no do-overs). If you want to edit, you get out a razor blade and cut. It's a pain in the ass, but the studio techniques and the creative decisions made while working on tape create awesome art.

Live Recording

Rowing a boat in a raging storm

I love mixing in headphones, then running around the room to make sure it sounds good, then back to mixer, around the room, mixer, room, mixer, room, etc. Especially when I see drunk chicks hovering over by the mixer. By now i've gotten pretty good at it. I had to do it in some crap room last night, and I'll have to do it again tonight, too.


Not Afraid of Heights
April 24

Not Afraid of Heights

The Stone Giants have recorded what many are calling their "White Album". With lush keyboards and wet strings, The Giants prepare a satisfying feast of sonic melodica. Eleven tracks of stylistic instrumentation and mercurial songwriting, this collection bestows a multiplicity of euphony and a menagerie of melody.

June 20


Jordan Egler showcases ten disparate styles on ten wildly different tracks held together with the "creepy cool" recording techniques his productions are known for. Playing all of the dozens of instruments featured on the arrangements, Jordan concocts virtual Big Band bombast with a mono brain & telepathic insights.

October 14


Brett Basil brings his quirky, pop-punk sensibilities to auditory fruition with this collection of 11 songs recorded in the summer of 2016. Infectiously ambivalent and salaciously sardonic, this production has a stubborn optimism that spites the tragedies the artist was enduring at the time.

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and They Roamed the Earth

The Stone Giants ...and They Roamed the Earth

17 huge tracks. Buy it on Orfium or CDBaby

The Stone Giants are beings shrouded in mystery. A local legend among the indigenous people of Gondor told of giants making the White Mountains, to keep Men out of their lands by the Sea. The Stone Giants lived in the Misty Mountains during the late Third Age. They found sport in throwing rocks at each other, and then into the depths below them to hear them shatter among the trees.

Now, in those days, there were many fearsome and terrible monsters that roamed the earth. But the most frightening of all were The Stone Giants. Men stayed clear of the Misty Mountain interior because that was where The Giants were known to be.

The Stone Giants were enormous creatures, taller than the tallest oak tree, with huge heads and skin as hard as granite. They had fierce tempers and just the thought of a Stone Giant was enough to send a chill down the spine of even the bravest warrior.