Redlight Records Album Art volume 4

Redlight Records Compilation Vol. 1

Done in 1999, this collection features: Blake Baily, AB!, Papa Wheelie, Hank Swank, Yetti, Kashus, D.J. K.B., Omnivox, Smack Pie, Ill Odyssey, The Stone Giants and Fair Play for Cuba.

Featured Song: "Lil' Roy*"

*explicit content

Redlight Records Album Art volume 3

Redlight Records Compilation Vol. 3

Done in 2002, this is the popular favorite of the Redlight Records compilations. Still in release. Features: Ill Odyssey, Young Boy, The Stone Giants, Go Ask Brian, Anthony Westen, Dave Voss, Fair Play for Cuba, Swanee's, John Wakefield Hall, and Smack Pie.

Featured Song: "Maximum Heat*"

*explicit content

Sequoia Drive band 2001

Sequoia Drive - Irreversibly On

Done in the summer of 2005. Backordered. Sequoia Drive's first album and the only collection to include Eric Icenogle as a vocalist. 12 songs. Includes: Title track, "Swamp Zombie", "All Right", and "Let Me Be the Bridge"

Featured Song: "Let Me Be the Bridge"

Jordan Egler - Mio

Done in '96 this album contains traces of Jordan's 8 track analog stuff. 11 songs, features "Smooth Taste", "Risk", "Crazy Tammy", and "Turn Back the Tide".

Featured Song: "Say Goodnight" (Video)
The Brother Beam Band

The Brother Beam Band - Eponymous

Done in the Fall of '97, this album featured the first recorded version of "Split Personality", later to be made a hit by the Stone Giants. Features Jeffery Dale Fagan on two originals as well.

Featured Song "Babylon Daddy
Jordan Egler Slideshow Album cover

Jordan Egler - Slideshow

Released as a downloads-only album on, this collection was doomed when wiped their servers and went ASCAP/BMI. F*ckers. Features the lovely siren Ashley Hart on the featured song.

Featured Song: "Leather and Lace"

Fair Play for Cuba

Another downloads-only release on, this potent songwriting team fell short of record lable expectations when the duo broke into the studio, stole much of the rehearsal equipment, and was never seen again.

Featured Song: "Pointy Part of Your Heart" (Video)


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Fair Play for Cuba

The pros and cons. Mostly cons.

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By noon I hope to leak out of this room • Little drops of mercury scattered only to bloom • In the pointy part of your heart • I see you all again from the inside out • I know what will make you laugh I know what makes you pout • Cause I'm the pointy part of your heart

I'm sailing off the edge of the world • Hoisting up my sails I'm seeing double • I'm speaking in plural • I'm heading back to your heart • The pointy part of your heart