Featured Artists

Microphone imageThis is a partial listing of some recent clients at Redlight Records Studios. Come be a part of our motley collection of freaks, chronics, rock stars, and misunderstood genius all huddled together and yearning to breathe free! See a sample of albums that benifit from the Redlight touch or tour the studio.

Disillusion - garage symphonia
Metaphor - intelligent space rock
Sequoia Drive - country
Tsai - rap(concious)
Fourteen21 - Christian pop punk
Doug Powell - musical comedy(Satanic)
Ill Odyssey - rap(radio)
Young Boy - rap(dirtySouth)
Jordan Egler - One-Man Robot Army
The Stone Giants - crafty pop rock
Go Ask Brian - leftfield
Anthony Westen - above average rock
Dave Voss - grunge melodia
Fair Play for Cuba - misunderstood genius rock
Swanee's - booze core country
The Mercury Edition - thinking man's rock
John Wakefield Hall - Folkaholic
Smack Pie - Midwest stoner punk metal
Jerad Harness & Blackgrass - Moonshine and a ham sandwich
Lil' Ghost - high school rip off rap
Blake Baily - emo bluegrass
AB! - rap(Latino)
Ashley Hart - driving out of the rain
Without Wednesday - pshychedellacandy punk screamo
Papa Wheelie - hydroponic instrumental
Hank Swank - hillbilly techno country punk
Yetti - ghetto suburbia garage rock
Kashus - rap(East coast)
Beer Money Chick$ - hog slop rock
D.J. K.B. - rap(club pop)
Omnivox - speedway racers
Iron Orchard - blue ribbon bluegrass
Kasa Del Phunk - young and fresh
Brett Basil - Capitol City Goofball
Greedy Man - Wreckingball Rap
Lobo - The Kid is Hungry

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